Dog aggression and how to fix it

Aggression towards people

Is your dog aggressive? Potentially the most serious dog behaviour problem is a dog who attacks people. A dog bite, whether it causes a small bruise or requires plastic surgery to repair, is a serious injury, which in the worst case can result in death. Thankfully this is a rare occurrence as dogs will give plenty of warning about their intentions, but it does happen.

Happy Pets in Norfolk will help you by assessing your dog at one of our venues or at your home, and will advise on a course of training and therapy required to rehabilitate your dog. 
dog being aggressive
angry dog

Aggression towards other dogs

Real fighting between dogs is frightening and traumatic for all involved, not to mention dangerous. Not only that, but it can stop people from taking their dog off the lead, or going for walks altogether.

With Happy Pets and our professional trainers, we will help your dog get along with others to the point where you trust them out and about. Aggression can be controlled through careful handling, thorough training and rehabilitation.
Help us calm your dog down. For aggressive dogs in need of help, call Happy Pets in Norfolk today on:

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