Behavioural Consultation

Behavioural consultations

Are you struggling with your dog or cat?

We understand that having a dog that doesn't know how to sit and stay isn't always the problem. If you're struggling with a pet who is aggressive around people or/and other dogs, or maybe suffers extreme anxiety when you leave the house, then Happy Pets can help you. 

There are many reasons dogs can display a variety of problem behaviours such as:
  • Aggression
  • Guarding their food/toys
  • Chasing cars, joggers and bikes
  • Soiling in the house
  • Destroying furniture
  • Phobias

It's important to address the problems and have obedience training with the dog as soon as possible in order to avoid the forming of bad habits. We will also take dogs through a veterinary referral. Contact us to book a session.
aggressive cat training
obedient pets

How Happy Pets can help

In most cases for our obedience training we use a comprehensive approach which involves:

  • Restructuring the relationship
  • Substituting the undesirable behaviours with desirable ones
  • Desensitization techniques
  • Gradual or swift changes in the husbandry of the animal and a discussion on the inclusion of possible pharmacological supports to be prescribed by the referring veterinary surgeon
If you're struggling with an aggressive dog or your pets are suffering extreme anxiety, get in touch with Happy Pets today and we can help with our obedience training in Norfolk:

01603 611 184
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