Destructive dogs and how we can help

Stopping your dogs from destroying your furniture

Does your dog attempt to destroy the house whenever you leave for work or a shopping trip? Do you come home to find everything turned upside down? If your dog is chewing furniture this could be for a number of reasons, including separation anxiety, boredom, or even something as simple as the postman coming to the front door. 

Whatever the cause, get in touch with Happy Pets in Norfolk and during a behavioural consultation we will help you understand why your pet is acting up and provide help in stopping them from turning your chairs into twigs and your cushions into fluff.
destructive dog
black dog lying

Using comprehensive methods

Every dog is different and requires different care, but in most cases we use a comprehensive approach, which involves:
  • Restructuring the relationship
  • Substituting the undesirable behaviours with desirable ones
  • Desensitisation techniques
  • Gradual or swift changes in the husbandry of the animal and a discussing of the inclusion of possible pharmacological supports to be prescribed by the referring veterinary surgeon
Let Happy Pets turn your destructive dogs into well behaved and cheerful pets, call us in Norfolk today on:

01603 611 184
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