Individual Training

Individual training

Private dog lessons at home

Want to train your dog but don't trust your dog in a group session? Happy Pets offer individual training sessions at your home to assist you with any training issues you may be having with your puppy or dog. 

In the comfort of your own home, we will show you how you can train, or retrain, any exercises you wish, helping you get a well behaved and happy dog within these sessions. 

Depending on the problem, it might be advisable to enrol in one of our group courses afterwards, to practice in a controlled environment in the presence of other dogs and people.
private dog lessons
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Are individual sessions right for you?

Please note that the individual sessions are designed for puppy training and training problems and not to deal with major behavioural problems such as aggression, anxieties, etc. These problems will need a behaviour consultation instead.

Why not find out more about our behaviour problem sessions?

Get your dog trained for you

If you would prefer to have experienced hands on your dog from the get-go, we can train your dog for you!

Through the course of eight sessions, organised to work with your availability, we will collect your dog from your house and do 1 hour long sessions with play and rest breaks as to help your animal maintain focus. Half way through the process, we will invite you along so we can show you what has been achieved and how you can take over from our training sessions.

Please contact us for a quote.
For more information on our private dog lessons get in touch with Happy Pets in Norfolk today on:

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